10 New Companis Placements Support Companis Goals

It’s been a whirlwind of placement activity for Companis these past weeks, with 10 new placements since the end of January, each underscoring our goals in deepening existing relationships or building new relationships with agencies working in our target areas of homeless and shelter services, access to health care, programs for immigrants and others targeted for cutbacks in services due to gender orientation, race or religion.


We’re thrilled to welcome 6 new Companis Workers and 3 new partner agencies – Attain Housing of Kirkland, the Northwest African American Museum and End of Life Washington. The placement positions range from facilities coordinator, to office administration to agency outreach. Welcome to 6 new Companis Workers – Matt Rivera (2 placements), Patti Vogel, Kurt Larson, Pat Bolton, April Ulinski & Nancy Cleland. Four additional Companis Workers are in their second (or subsequent) placements – thanks to Viola Eldred, Greg Scully & Darcy McCabe!