Companis Connects: Conflict De-escalation training

At a time when tensions are running high and lots of folks are feeling stressed, we want to be sure that Companis Workers, often on the front lines of service to our most vulnerable neighbors, are well-resourced in the area of conflict de-escalation. We are very pleased to welcome Kristine Scott, E.D. of ROOTS Young Adult Shelter in the University District, to share her experience with us. In this training, you will learn:


To recognize the common physiological symptoms of conflict;

  • To be more comfortable navigating conflict, to learn your own triggers;
  • Concrete tools (what to say, where to stand, etc.) to resolve conflict safely; and
  • The difference between untangling the people in the conflict and de-escalating each individual.


The session includes role playing where participants get hands on time to de-escalate conflicts. Participants are encouraged to dress comfortably and be prepared to have fun. The training is from the perspective of social service programs. This presentation is one of our quarterly  "Companis Connects" presentations covering a wide range of fascinating personal and professional development topics.


Kristine Scott has been training people how to resolve conflict nonviolently for over ten years.  Kristine was a certified instructor through the Crisis Prevention Institute (see when supervising group homes with violent youth. She concluded that restraints and escorts further escalate those who are trauma survivors, and developed her own hands off curriculum based on 30 years of working in social service settings. Kristine’s class focuses on a direct, non-hostile response to conflict in service settings.


Parking is available in the lot behind Seattle First Baptist at $15 for the day or $5 for 2 hour increments. This is cheaper than street parking will be, but arrive by 8:30 AM if you want to find a spot! Lots of buses come right to us as well. Please RSVP to peterjabin(at)  by Tuesday, April 4.