Rembering Amber, a big part of the Companis community

With heavy hearts we share with you that our dear friend and longtime Companis Worker Amber Joy passed away July 26th. Amber was surrounded by her family and close friends as she died, peacefully and utterly present with those who were with her, radiating love.

Amber was diagnosed in April with advanced lung cancer, and she made her decisions of how she wanted to live her remaining days. Only very few people knew of her illness, as was her wish. She leaves her daughter, Gwen, granddaughter Ketra, and great grandchildren Daysha and Jay; siblings Gwen, Marilyn and Stan; and extended family across the country and overseas. She leaves many close friends to mourn her from various communities: her faith community of Seattle First Baptist Church, her home community at Hilltop House, many friends at First Free Methodist Church, and, of course, Companis and the colleagues at agencies where she served.

Amber joined Companis in 2005, and served several placements, including Boomtown Café, ROAR of Washington, Family Kitchen, Provail and Hilltop House Retirement Community.

She demonstrated to all of us how to love all of our neighbors, particularly those for whom so many doors had been shut. Fueled by this love and inspiration for justice, Amber shone bright in the Companis community. Her light will never dim, and we will see her smiling face when we gather together, when love opens doors through our service, and when justice is served by the timeless hospitality of inclusion and compassion. Her spirit will always remind us where injustice remains, in a loud and clear voice.

We love you, Amber Joy.