Companis Workers

Companis provides volunteer professional staffing assistance to a wide range of human & social service organizations and strives to balance the interest of its volunteer workers with the staffing needs of the agencies being served.  In addition to providing placement with nonprofit agencies, Companis engages our workers in biweekly meetings for purposes of personal and vocational growth, spiritual enrichment, and mutual encouragment and support.  In addition, annual retreats, professional developement workshops and fun social events enhance the opportunity for Companis Workers to engage their inner life as a balance to the intensity of their daily service obligations.

Companis welcomes applicants from all walks of life. Though there is a minimum age requirement of 18 years, there is no upper limit.  Companis needs every variety of skill and talent, and has no specific educational requirements.  Companis does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of age, race, nationality, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, gender orientation, religious belief or physical ability.

If you would like to serve with Companis, please fill out the Companis Worker Application.

Joanne Anton
Human Resources Specialist
Susan Austin
Program Leadership
Debbie Aylott & Cinder
Special Projects & Program Support
Pat Bolton
Program Support
Emily "Lee" Campbell
Financial Management & Program Support
Raymond Chan, DDS
Dental Physician
Nancy Cleland
Program Support
Robin Covington
Program Support
Dave Cusick
Program Support
Tim Dean
Program Support
Susan Dohrmann
Program Support
Viola Eldred
Program Support
Catherine Fales
Program Support
Gary Frankel
Technical & Program Support
Liese Frankenstein
Program Management
Patrick Green
Program Management
Janet Hasselblad
Program Support
Martha Hill
Program & Administrative Support
Martha Hopler
Social Work & Program Support
Muriel Jones, MD
Jon Klapel
Technical & Program Services
Steven Knipp
Executive Leadership
Alan Kristal, PhD
Public Health Leadership
Heidi Malcomson
Program Support
John Malcomson
Administrative and Volunteer Management
Atit Marmer
Education & Counseling Services
Karen Mason
Program Management
Darcy McCabe
IT Special Projects
Phil Mervin
Financial Management
Merry Nye
Communications Specialist
Joan O'Brien
Program Management & Support
Kevin O'Brien
Program Management
Sumeet Pamma
Program Support
Betty Reid
Program Support
Matthew Rivera
Executive & Program Support
Nancy Roberts-Brown
Program Management & Support  
Rhiann Robson
Vince Sauber
Finance Management
Greg Scully
Special Projects Consultant
Barbara Sehr
Program Support - Communications
Carole Tovar
Program Support
Laura Van Tosh
Program Management
Emily Westlake
Program Management
K.C. Young
Executive Leadership
Nekya Young-Johnson