At Companis, we think a lot about renewal and reflection. We are careful to work with our volunteers to make sure they are renewed and inspired by their placements with our many nonprofit partners, all engaged in direct service to our most vulnerable neighbors.

We’ve hosted several workshops both for our volunteers and the staff of our nonprofit partners focusing on preventing secondary trauma, the anxiety and suffering experienced by those serving people in crisis — the mentally ill and addicted, those experiencing homelessness, abused women and children, and more. In our regular volunteer support sessions, held three times monthly, we encourage discussion of challenges faced by volunteers. We find that by creating community, our volunteers thrive in their placements.

So we’re interested in this astute explanation of four important constituents for well-being. Richard Davidson, founder of the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, says we can intentionally improve our sense of wellbeing. But it takes practice and intention.

For more, watch this video from The Greater Good Science Center.