Companis Workers in Service to Our Homeless Neighbors

Join us in welcoming Kevin O’Brien, who recently began a placement with Real Change Homeless Empowerment Project as an editorial assistant in the newsroom. Kevin is working closely with clients and contributors to the newspaper who have directly experienced homelessness, soliciting prose and poetry submissions, as well as other contributions for the award-winning Real Change newspaper. He joins Companis Worker Merry Nye in her third year with Real Change, on the editorial side, and Companis Worker Susan Austin, who is beginning her second year as coach for the Real Change Speaker’s Bureau. Kevin is a certified trainer in deep listening skills, a service he performed for the Boeing Company for many years until his retirement in 2016. Last year, he a led a listening skills “Companis Connects” for the nonprofit agencies in our building, including Companis. Welcome, Kevin! And thanks, Susan and Merry, for your continued service!