How One Companis Placement Changes Many Lives

To "have legs" is defined in the dictionary as "an idea, plan, or activity that is likely to continue or succeed." Wow, is that ever true of a Companis placement that began in 2009 when Companis Worker Rod Shutt was placed with the Prescription Drug Assistance Network.

Over more than 8 years, Rod has helped people get medications valued at a total of $20,174,441, which accounts for about 30% of the agency total for the state. Rod was a Companis Worker through 2012, and was subsequently hired as a PDAN staffer. His 2018 totals so far? He has assisted 156 patients obtain 325 medications, worth $3,166,948.

Want more legs? Rod helped Companis Workers and their placement agency colleagues navigate the confusing and ever-changing world of healthcare at a recent presentation that was part of the Companis Connects program, our ongoing program of professional development opportunities offered to Companis Workers and partner agency staff. Rod is always a resource, freqently called upon informally when Companis Workers or their colleagues have questions about healthcare access.

Thanks, Rod, for your service to our neighbors in need of health care and for so generously sharing your knowledge with our community.