A Respite for Workers on the Front Lines of Service

Companis Workers and staff enjoyed some lovely time for relaxation and reflection at the annual Companis Worker retreat held the first week of June this year at the Camp Casey Conference Center on Whidbey Island. Good times included walks on the beach, the culinary delights of chef and former Companis Worker Patrick Green, Smore‘s, bonfires, and beautiful sunsets. We also spent time with Bartja Wachtel who was with us for a half-day program of mindful self-compassion practice. Thank you, Companis Workers, for all that you are as you balance both doing AND being, in your service to our neighbors throughout the region.

The annual multi-day retreat is a key part of the Companis program of volunteer support and development. The retreat is a restorative time in a restful place, a time to acknowledge that service to our most vulnerable neighbors can be challenging for those who serve. It features gourmet meals, and simple past-times like walks, picnics, yoga and beach bonfires; truly a time to rest and relax. Other key components of our Worker Support Program include an annual one-day art retreat guided by a professional facilitator, bi-monthly gatherings for networking and discussion, and the Companis Connects quarterly personal and professional development opportunities.