We call it the “Companis magic.”

And it’s simple.

We connect people like you who want to use their passion and skills to make a difference with nonprofit organizations needing staffing assistance. We provide nonprofit agencies with engaged and committed volunteers and stipended workers who agree to a year’s service, or a time-limited project. And we support our volunteers with a full program of professional and personal development.

Our volunteers work in homeless shelters, food banks and on crisis lines. We are caseworkers helping those without adequate insurance get the medical care they need. We staff mental health programs.  We are a physician treating women in a homeless shelter, or a physician’s assistant working to provide low-income people with prescription drugs they can’t afford. We w

ork with our seniors and youth in a wide variety of enrichment programs. We design web pages and fill baskets with supplies for new moms and babies. We keep the books for immigrant and refugee outreach services. We tutor English language learners.

Companis was founded in Seattle in 1994 by Seattle First Baptist Church, becoming an IRS 501(C)3 nonprofit organization in 1997. Craig R. J. Darling, pictured right, was recruited as the founding executive director, after having first launched a similar organization in Chicago. Craig based the Esther Davis Center in Chicago and later Companis on the Jesuit Volunteer Corps model he observed in Detroit. Craig's vision and leadership serve as a guiding light for our work today, as he holds the distinguished role of President Emeritus. 

We are Companis. And we believe the world is a better place when those who have time and talents share them with our neighbors in need of encouragement, compassion and support.

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