What is Companis?

Companis fills staffing gaps of nonprofit agencies with professional volunteer and community workers.

How we do it

Companis thoughtfully matches skilled professionals seeking service opportunities with agencies that need them but would otherwise not be able to afford them.

Why Companis matters

Because people of heart want to serve, nonprofit agencies need help, and our neighbors benefit. Companis does what would otherwise go undone.

How Companis Works

Companis is a Seattle-based nonprofit organization that addresses gaps in quality professional staffing experienced by nonprofit agencies due to budget limitations and the growing requests for service provision among our neighbors in crisis.

Companis matches professional volunteer and community workers with nonprofit agencies in need of staffing assistance.  Companis offers an opportunity for service to individuals who seek to work for justice among our neighbors. In addition to a core group of full-time volunteer professionals who commit to working for client agencies for at least one year (and who may receive a stipend), Companis also serves as a matchmaker to connect talented part-time volunteers from the community with nonprofits who need their specialized skills.

The agencies helped by Companis may be young and not yet financially self-supporting, or they may be established agencies trying to expand services or begin pilot projects.

If you would like to serve through Companis, if you know a nonprofit agency that would benefit from staffing assistance, or if you would like to support this mission among our neighbors... please contact Companis. If you would like to serve with Companis, please fill out the Companis Worker Application.