“Companis is my gateway to having an opportunity to serve and care for the community, which is a trait instilled in me by my grandparents.”
— Sumeet Pamma, Companis Worker


FAQ for Volunteers
What happens now that I’ve submitted my application?
After an initial meeting to get to know you, Companis staff will carefully match the talents and skills that you would like to bring to your volunteer experience with the current needs of our partner organizations. When we believe we have a placement that is a good mutual fit, we will contact you and decide together if we should move forward to introduce you to the agency. This can take anywhere from a few days to a few months. It all depends on what organizations need, and what volunteers want to offer, and the timing of both!
How is Companis different from a temp agency, job placement firm, or websites like VolunteerMatch?
Our first priority is placing compassionate, caring individuals in volunteer or stipend-supported, time-limited positions. Our mission is to make our community healthier, safer, and more just by fostering skilled volunteer service. We build nonprofits’ capacity -- sometimes that’s helping nonprofits get through a staff transition, and sometimes that’s a specific project like board orientation or strategic planning. We build relationships and bridge the gap so that nonprofits can succeed in delivering vital services.
Do I get to choose the agency where I’m recommended for placement? How does Companis make the match?
We will ask you what your areas of interest are -- what makes your heart sing -- and where you would most like to make a difference. We then work with the partner agency requests we have, and when we see a possible match, we’ll ask if that possible placement fits your interest before introducing you to that agency. You will never be randomly assigned to a placement, because people and relationships come first.
Could I serve as a Companis Worker from my home/remotely?
Each agency has different needs, and we customize placements for both the volunteer and the organization. Some placements can be done remotely, and some roles need an in-person presence. This is something that would be discussed before making a placement, so everyone’s needs are met.
What region does Companis serve?
Companis primarily serves the Seattle – King County area, but we are expanding our footprint throughout the greater Puget Sound region.
What does ‘Companis’ mean, and why is that your name?
From Latin: Com (with) + pan (bread) means to break bread together. Beautiful things happen when friends share a meal together. Our Worker Support Program is centered around meals together (when we are not navigating a pandemic, that is). Companis is in the business of creating service matches between volunteers with big hearts and the agencies that need them, done in the spirit of mutuality.
I work full-time. Is it possible for me to have a meaningful service commitment?
Every agency has different needs. It is possible to have a meaningful placement that will not interfere with your work schedule -- and that’s why we meet individually with every volunteer and every agency, so we can find the right match.

Make a Difference

You’re someone who wants to use your skills to change our community for the better.

You value reflection and personal growth.

You see challenges that have solutions, and you’re ready to roll up your sleeves.

You came to the right place.

Companis volunteers are young professionals, retirees, and people transitioning between careers. They are teachers, journalists, bookkeepers, social workers, physicians, IT specialists, and human resources experts. They come from all walks of life, and they all have something in common: they’re seeking purpose, connection, and opportunities to learn new things while giving back.

At Companis, our volunteers bring expertise and talent to the nonprofits that are holding our safety net together. They serve food banks, domestic violence shelters, immigration support agencies, and community health care clinics. They write grants, create databases, and manage financial systems.

We custom-tailor every placement by taking the time to get to know our volunteers and our nonprofit partners personally, because our work is rooted in genuine relationships, not making widgets. Plus, we create space for connection and reflection with other volunteers through our monthly worker support meetings — so you’ll never be on your own.

Want to learn more? We would love to get to know you.


Thirty Years of Serving with Compassion

Thirty Years of Serving with Compassion

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