“Companis is a fabulous partner and the staff is incredibly responsive to our needs. They do a great job of being able to find the match who would be a good fit for your organization.”

— Monisha Harrell, Chair of Equal Rights Washington


FAQ for Nonprofits
Is there a cost for Companis’ services?
There is no cost to an agency to work with Companis. If a placement includes a stipend, 10% will be added to the stipend and is retained by Companis to fund the Worker Support Program. This program helps our volunteers connect with one another, reflect on their personal and professional growth, and ultimately ensure they have a meaningful, positive experience that helps them complete their full placement commitment.
How long will we have a Companis Worker? What if circumstances change? Can we extend our time or end the agreement?
Companis generally asks its volunteers for a 1-year commitment that may be extended upon agreement by both parties. However, we meet individually with both parties to make sure we create the best fit, and sometimes that means a shorter placement, or a project-based role. A placement may also be terminated by either party with a two-week notice.
How soon can we expect to meet a potential volunteer?
There’s no set timeline -- the placement process is a thoughtful, personalized process. Companis’ strength is in making placements that last and will honor the talent and time of the volunteer while helping the agency fulfill its mission.
Where do you find your Companis Workers?
Companis workers are everywhere, in our neighborhoods and communities. Most often, they find their way to us through word of mouth, because our worker support program and thoughtful approach to building relationships create high-quality experiences that people want to share with others. We recently began an outreach program to more proactively create new connections, too.
Are all of your Workers retired people?
Many Companis Workers are retired, but not all. Some are students seeking experience in the nonprofit world, others are working in the for profit sector wanting to give back to their community, and others are in between jobs or staying home with their families. Companis Workers come from all walks of life!
Does Companis make placements beyond King County?
Yes. Most of our placements are in King County, but we have received many requests and applications from the greater Puget Sound region. We are currently growing into Snohomish County.
Can we have more than one Companis Worker placement at a time?

Why Partner with Companis

Your work is essential. It’s gratifying, and it’s tough, too.

Some days the workload feels heavy. We’re here to help lighten the load.

You’re not alone!

At Companis, we can connect you with the expertise and talent you need to power your mission. Our volunteers come from all walks of life, and they all have something in common: they want to use their skills to serve our community and give back.

We custom-tailor every placement by taking the time to get to know our nonprofit partners and our volunteers personally, because our work is rooted in genuine relationships, not making widgets. Some volunteers need a stipend for their time, and some don’t. Some nonprofits need ongoing support for a particular role, and some need a volunteer to lead a specific project. We listen to your needs, and connect the right resources. 

We genuinely view our nonprofit partners as partners – so when you need a sounding board for your current challenge, or a trusted thought partner when a new opportunity comes up, we can help you strategize from a new perspective. 

We’re with you for the long-haul so you can do the work that our community needs most.

How We Can Help:

Program Delivery & Assistance

Development & Fundraising

Marketing and Communications


Strategy & Consultation

Project Management


Our Service Areas:

Homelessness and Prevention

Access to Healthcare

Behavioral Health

Immigrants and Refugee Services

LGBTQ Advocacy and Civil Rights






Want to learn more? View the list of our nonprofit partners.

We would love to get to know you and your mission.


Thirty Years of Serving with Compassion

Thirty Years of Serving with Compassion

Of all the photos taken of Companis Workers from our archive, this one stands out (with credit going to Lupe Carlos). It exquisitely documents the compassion and caring of Karen Carlos as she works with a client at Hilltop, a senior residence in Seattle.  In this moment, as seen in Karen’s expression, the heart of […]

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