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Covid-19 is creating tremendous impacts on our social service nonprofit partners. If you'd like to serve your community by volunteering with Companis, please click here to find our volunteer application form.

We need one another more than ever!


Companis staff and corps of volunteer placements continue in service to our community, as we prioritize safety and health for all in the COVID-19 pandemic. We thank our Companis Workers and agency partners who valiantly continue their commitment to a healthy community. For links to helpful information and resources, click here.


Our Story

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Companis creates healthy communities by fostering skilled volunteer service. We bridge the gaps that exclude many of us from healthy community by placing dedicated professionals with nonprofit agencies that need staffing assistance.

How Companis Works


Companis is a Seattle-based nonprofit organization that addresses gaps in quality professional staffing experienced by nonprofit agencies due to budget limitations and the growing requests for service provision among our neighbors in crisis.

Companis matches volunteer professionals with nonprofit agencies in need of staffing assistance.  We offer an opportunity for service to individuals who seek to work for justice among our neighbors. In addition to a core group of full-time volunteer professionals who commit to working for client agencies for at least one year (and who may receive a stipend), Companis also serves as a matchmaker to connect talented part-time volunteers from the community with nonprofits who need their specialized skills.

The agencies helped by Companis may be young and not yet financially self-supporting, or they may be established agencies trying to expand services or begin pilot projects. Our volunteers, we call them Companis Workers, can be launching careers, mid-career or retired. They are united by a shared desire to give back to their communities, supporting our neighbors most in need of basic human services.  In their service, Companis Workers share our values of compassion, service, inclusion, relationships and reflection.

Companis returns $2 in service 

to the community for every $1 donated.

Your support makes

a difference every day.

How does Companis make a difference in your community?

Here some examples!

14,424 clients served

94% of budget goes to program

84 placements in 42 partner gencies

32% serve homeless neighbors

28% expand health care access

19% serve immigrants & refugees

Female mentor reads a book to a young girl as they both intently look at a book

We call it the “Companis magic.”

And it’s simple.

We connect people like you who want to use their passion and skills to make a difference with nonprofit organizations needing staffing assistance. We provide nonprofit agencies with engaged and committed volunteers and stipended workers who agree to a year’s service or a project of a specific length. And we support our volunteers with a full program of professional and personal development.

Our volunteers work in homeless shelters, food banks, and on crisis lines. We are caseworkers helping those without adequate insurance get the medical care they need. We staff mental health programs.  We are a physician treating women in a homeless shelter, or a physician’s assistant working to provide low-income people with prescription drugs they can’t afford. We work with our seniors and youth in a wide variety of enrichment programs. We design web pages and fill baskets with supplies for new moms and babies. We keep the books for immigrant and refugee outreach services. We tutor English language learners.

We are Companis. And we believe the world is a better place when those who have time and talents share them with our neighbors in need of encouragement and support.

Join us!

Our Support

Companis is funded by people like you!

Individual contributions are the single largest source of our revenue.

Donors tell us they value the fact that one gift to Companis serves so many. And they appreciate that Companis works to strengthen the safety net in challenging times.

“We invest in Companis because it takes a holistic and loving approach to help our local nonprofit agencies solve some of their toughest challenges," say donors Angie Buysse and Cynthia Per-Lee, a couple that provided an important donor match during a recent fund drive.

We are grateful also to the following foundations for their support helping us grow healthy community through placements of skilled volunteers. We greatly appreciate the confidence these individuals and organizations have placed in the Companis model of matching people who want to serve with nonprofits that need them.

The Stuart & Benjamin Abelson Foundation Trust
The Stuart & Jesse Abelson Foundation Trust
The John C. and Karyl K. Hughes Foundation

Moccasin Lake Foundation

Companis IRS 990's

The 990 is a tax form that allows the public to evaluate nonprofits and how they operate. The form collects information about the mission, programs, and finances of tax-exempt organizations. Donations to Companis are tax deductible because Companis meets federal requirements for nonprofits. We make these forms available on our website because we believe our supporters deserve transparency. In fact, GuideStar, a respected information service that provides information on more than 2.5 million nonprofit organizations, has given Companis its Gold Seal of Transparency because we meet a high standard of financial reporting to our supporters.

Companis Workers are retired, mid-career or just starting out. Commitments range from weekly to full-time. Our volunteers find purpose and joy in extending a helping hand to our most vulnerable neighbors, helping build healthy community for all of us in the Puget Sound region.