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Your Gift, On Steroids

A small silk rug brought in $600.

A porcelain owl, $600.

A large folio Frank Lloyd Wright book, $350.

A gold ring with small diamonds, $450.

What Difference Does One Companis Worker Make?

A World of Difference

For Companis Worker Abid Bhatti, it’s about bringing vital, life-saving information to mentally ill patients, their families and professionals in the field.

The difference one Companis Worker can make..... our new video


We're thrilled with our new video! It focuses on Companis Worker Marti Spicer, now in her third Companis placement at West Seattle Helpline, where she works with families to prevent homelessness. "Changing lives, lives changing" has been an unofficial motto for Companis for many years, and it shines through in this video. You will also learn a lot about our unique program of community service in this video. So give it a whirl! You'll find it on our website under the Media tab, Companis Video 2015.

Companis Worker begins third placement

We're proud of Companis Worker Autumn Franger, now in her third Companis placement at the Northwest Center For Creative Aging (NWCCA).

We are so grateful

Thanks to 554 friends and supporters who turned out at our biennial Companis Celebration Dinner, we raised a significant portion of our two-year budget. Because of the generosity of these wonderful folks, we can continue our work in the community delivering a high level of services to our neighbors in need of shelter, food, health care and more.

Helping Homeless Women Find Jobs

Companis Worker Carole Tovar has done awesome work compiling resources for homeless women in need of housing, jobs, medical care and more. She began her work at Mary's Place doing outreach to senior homeless women. That's still her focus, but her growing notebook of resources is helpful to many of our Companis Workers, who came together recently in a "Companis Connects" training & networking event led by Carole.

Companis Workers staff tiny agency making big impact

America has a prison problem. We have 5% of the world’s population and 25% of its prisoners. African Americans now number nearly 1 million of the total 2.3 million incarcerated. If these trends continue, 1 in 3 African American men will be incarcerated during his lifetime.

Companis Grows Into New Space

With a gift from a generous donor who makes investment in social justice a family value, Companis has opened the doors to the Stuart R. Abelson Center for Nonprofit Support.

Companis-Powered Solutions

It’s the Companis Way – matching volunteer professionals with partner nonprofit agencies seeking innovative solutions to the problems our communities face. In recent months, Companis volunteer professionals have been placed with nonprofit organizations to:
  • Extend emergency services that keep families in their homes
  • Prepare homeless women for the job market

Remembering Elizabeth Patrick

Companis is celebrating the life of colleague Elizabeth Patrick, even as we mourn her loss.