Shea Deines: Making a Difference in Your Own Community

Dec 1, 2019

Shea Deines is in a place that makes them happy, that challenges them, and that adds perspective to life as they attend the University of Washington. As the Operations Assistant at Ingersoll Gender Center, Shea greets those who arrive in the office, ready to share information and a friendly smile, and tackles projects for the organization. 

Shea came to Companis to specifically fill this need at Ingersoll, and we were happy to be part of making such a great match. Ingersoll is a trans-led organization committed to meeting their communities where they’re at and working to provide the most needed resources from support groups to healthcare access and economic justice work. Ingersoll is by and for transgender and gender nonconforming people for their collective self determination. 

As a student in Community Psychology, Shea has a passion for working to strengthen the lives of folks in marginalized communities. Shea is happy to be making a difference in a community that is home to them.



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