Our donors spoke, and said…

Nov 22, 2020

“Please give us more frequent updates with the latest news from Companis, especially through email!” 

Thank you, Companis donors! Our recent survey returned a total of 229 responses from you,. In August and September, we asked you for your input and feedback, and you really came through, with a survey response rate of 28%. Thank you for speaking up so we can serve you better! Your input has set some exciting things in motion. 

With your feedback – and a retooling of our e-communications – we’re excited to launch the first of our quarterly e-newsletters with our Fall 2020 edition. Receiving your thoughts, we also updated our website, to make it easier to find what you’re looking for, with quicker access to both our Volunteer application and the Agency Request form. We have a new tagline, “…where compassion meets action.” The number one word you told us you associate with our work: compassion!

And, we’ve launched a new blog, called “People Powering Change.” Come back often and find the latest news about our Companis Worker placements, our partner agencies offering life-changing (and life-saving!) services. You’ll learn about our Companis Connects events, and special insights into what we’re seeing across the social service nonprofit landscape in our area. All those updates will be found through our Facebook page, @CompanisSeattle (see the Facebook logo below this post to go there). We encourage you to “like” us there, so you’ll see our posts.

If you’d like to be on our e-newsletter list, and aren’t already, look for the Keep In Touch box just below the our Blog on the Companis.org home page, where you can sign up with your name and email today!