The Great Rethink

Jul 2, 2021

Have you recently left your job? You are not alone. With changes brought on by the pandemic, thousands of people are walking away from their work. The numbers are staggering. It’s a trend that is making headlines and being analyzed by many. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more Americans quit in May than any other month on record. 

While there are multiple theories about why this is happening, just about everyone agrees that it is creating an opening to examine our lives. Reassessing what we want to do with our time is always healthy. It’s a way to revisit our values and priorities and ask the question so beautifully stated in Mary Oliver’s poem, Summer Day. “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”  What feels meaningful? How can I make a difference in the world? 

American workers are increasingly motivated to pursue work that feels more purposeful. According to the Harvard Business Review,  9 out of 10 people are willing to earn less to do more meaningful work. So whether you are looking to rethink your career or add some volunteer work to your life, consider talking to Companis

We match professionals seeking to volunteer with nonprofits that need them. Companis is kind of like a safety net to nonprofit safety nets. Imagine a food bank or a shelter that’s providing important services. They may need help from a visiting nurse, an accountant, or a grant writer, for example. Companis finds carefully chosen volunteers for those needs, helping the nonprofits do the work our community needs most. 

Meanwhile, Companis volunteers are many and varied. They are young professionals, retirees, and people transitioning between jobs. They come from all walks of life but have one thing in common: they are seeking purpose, connection, and opportunities to learn new things while also giving back. 

Companis makes a point of custom-tailoring every placement by getting to know our volunteers and our nonprofit partners personally. And we create space for connection and reflection with other volunteers, so you’ll never be on your own. 

So, if you have stepped away from your job or are just feeling the need to add more depth to your life, come visit us at Companis. We can help match you with the perfect nonprofit so that you can use your skills to change our community for the better.