Redesigning the Blog for More of Our Stories

Mar 21, 2022

It began with a suggestion from Cynthia Hunter, our Outreach Specialist, who asked for better access to stories about Companis. So we spent a few months going through mountains of stories over the past 10 years and then categorized them so they could be easily found and then shared from our Our Stories page.

The stories on our newly-designed blog page showcase Companis Workers, nonprofit partners, and special events that we’ve hosted over the years including our online fundraiser last year,  Biennial ‘21. Our winter intern, Jensen Nida, helped catalog our archive. And Zana Crites from Seattle University’s Master of Nonprofit Leadership is analyzing the results and offering guidance on how to improve on what we’ve done so far. Zana is also helping us hone our social media strategy, so we can do a better job of getting the word out about Companis. If you have feedback on the Companis Our Stories page, or would like to send us story ideas, please email Communications Manager Erin Hennessey at: [email protected]



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