Companis Worker Retreat: Nature and Nurture

Jul 13, 2023

This year’s Companis Worker retreat included insightful workshops, a DIY art table, family-style meals, and time around the campfire. We also welcomed spring sunshine at Rainbow Lodge which is nestled on 40 acres of forestland near North Bend, WA. 

The purpose of the retreat is to thank our volunteers for their service to the community. Those attending are invited to relax and enjoy themselves and partake in a variety of planned activities, if they so choose. One of the workshops that was offered was led by Dr. Tiffany MCDermott who walked us through how we are all holding some form of grief from these last few years of the pandemic, and how we can learn to let go and move on. 

Tiffany also attended the retreat as a Companis Worker who volunteers with Street Youth Ministries in Seattle. “It was so special to leave our everyday lives and escape to the woods,” she said. “Self care has become a tired phrase in the wellness arena, but I feel like we gained the space and time to allow it to happen.” 

Inola de la Cruz also attended the retreat. She’s a Companis Worker for Camp Burton on Vashon Island. Inola said it was a much needed weekend for her to get away to recharge and commune with nature. “I also met fellow volunteers who share the same passion of helping out others to make our community a better place.” 

If you would like to explore volunteering through Companis, we’ll give you more details about our annual retreats, as well as other offerings that support our Workers. Start by visiting our website and clicking on the volunteer tab!

A group photo of those of us still there during the final hours of the retreat. Front row (left to right): Cynthia Hunter, Inola de la Cruz, Viola Eldred and Lee Campbell. Back row (left to right): Gary Davis, Tiffany McDermott, Debbie Aylott, Mary Zwerling, Jennifer Wing, Tia Lawson, Dr. Muriel Jones, and Erin Hennessey

Hiking through the woods with Associate ED of Programs, Jennifer Wing, and Companis Workers Lee Campbell and Inola de la Cruz. The waterfall was just around the corner!

Companies Workers Donna Whitford and Inola de la Cruz decoupaging (the craft of decorating objects with paper cutouts) at our DIY art table.

S’mores around the campfire!

Companis Workers Dawn Brazel, Inola de la Cruz, and Lee Campbell spending quality time together in the retreat center’s light-filled dining room.



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