Companis Connects

Rembering Amber, a big part of the Companis community

With heavy hearts we share with you that our dear friend and longtime Companis Worker Amber Joy passed away July 26th. Amber was surrounded by her family and close friends as she died, peacefully and utterly present with those who were with her, radiating love.

Companis Connects: Conflict De-escalation training

At a time when tensions are running high and lots of folks are feeling stressed, we want to be sure that Companis Workers, often on the front lines of service to our most vulnerable neighbors, are well-resourced in the area of conflict de-escalation. We are very pleased to welcome Kristine Scott, E.D. of ROOTS Young Adult Shelter in the University District, to share her experience with us. In this training, you will learn:


Companis welcomes Hanford Challenge

We're thrilled to welcome new partner agency Hanford Challenge and new Companis Worker Toni Fields! Toni, an attorney who recently moved to Seattle with her family, will be involved with outreach and development as well as document review for Hanford Challenge, which works to secure human health and safety and promote a sustainable environmental legacy at Hanford.

New Companis Worker placed with Street Yoga

Welcome new Companis Worker Jillene MacCreery! Jillene, who has had an impressive career in senior leadership with the National Counterterrorism Center and an equally impressive volunteer history with end-of-life and other issues, has been placed with new partner agency Street Yoga, which builds capacity in youth through yoga and mindfulness to overcome suffering and cope with trauma.

We love it when this happens!

Sometimes we amaze ourselves at Companis! Like when we read this awesome story in Real Change Homeless Empowerment Project newspaper, where Companis Worker Merry Nye is placed, about a new pilot project of the Jubilee Women's Center, where Companis Worker Marti Spicer is placed.

Exploring meditative traditions

Companis convened a hands on training session exploring several different meditative traditions today, one in an ongoing series of personal and professional development opportunities we call "Companis Connects." Understanding that in this time when the ground of our common life seems to be shifting under our very feet, it is crucial that we find ways to center and sustain ourselves, Worker Engagement Director Peter Jabin brought in guest presenters

Companis Worker placed with homeless outreach program

We're thrilled to announce Companis Worker Martha Hopler will begin a renewed one-year placement with the "Shared Breakfast" program at First Church.

Companis + You = Be the change you want to see

Congratulations to the many Companis friends and supporters who participated in Saturday’s historic Women's March on Seattle celebrating equal rights for all. You made your voices heard, and you put our leaders on notice that many, many Americans care about protecting our civil and human rights. You made history, but as awesome as that is, it’s time to take the next step by plugging into an organized effort to create the change you want to see.

Gratitude for his 5 years of Companis service

Much appreciation to Companis Worker Phil Mervin for completing 5 years of service at Pride Foundation. Phil brought his database expertise and years of experience as a financial manager to Pride's mission of expanding opportunities and advancing full equality for LGBTQ people across the Northwest.

Today's history lesson

On February 19, 1942, our Japanese-American neighbors lost their civil rights when Executive Order 9066 enabled the government to move them from their homes to internment camps, where 120,000 people spent 3 years. In remembrance of the 75th anniversary of EO 9066, Seattle First Baptist Church will end their service this Sunday, Feb.