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Companis Worker makes a difference at retirement community

Social worker, therapist, artist, actor, dancer and now Companis Worker, Atit Marmer makes a difference in our world. As a Companis Worker leading a support group of residents at Hilltop House Retirement Community for nearly two years and as an ongoing adviser to Hilltop, he helps participants cope with the challenges and opportunities of aging.

Companis Worker's placement is "an essential part" of ending homelessness

We're thrilled to welcome Companis Worker Alanna Gunne to her new placement at Elizabeth Gregory Home, where she joins Companis Workers Marti Spicer, Janet Hasselblad and Kim Nonen in working to help women transition out of homelessness. Alanna is the 11th Companis Worker in service to our homeless neighbors this year!

Turn down the noise to find energy & creativity

Is the world too loud sometimes? How do we turn down the noise and live and work as our most productive, creative selves?

Companis Worker is night supervisor for new homeless shelter

In a nondescript, ground-hugging building in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, a new shelter for homeless families has taken shape. It’s called Bianca’s Place, and it opens today.

Within blocks of the neighborhood’s slick new high-rise apartment buildings and condos, and close to the pubs, eateries and gyms that have sprouted in response to the tech-hiring boom that has taken place, this new shelter has been filled with dozens of navy-blue mattresses, boxes of disposal diapers and toys, towels, cookware and clothing that shelter residents will need.

Companis Worker compiles unique resource for helping aging, homeless women

Some researchers are finding that more than half of single homeless adults are age 47+, with younger boomers born between 1955-1965 driving the aging homeless population. Given the growing need, Companis Worker Carole Tovar has produced an incredible asset for homeless senior women.

Companis Workers enjoy "art retreat"

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso

So 20 Companis Workers and staff had a wonderful time rediscovering our inner childhoods at the Companis "art retreat." It was a full day, and full of surprises. Like what color and word drew you in the morning. And what color and thought is going with you as you head home at the end of the day?

Meet Companis Worker Patrick Green, making a difference to LGBTQ youth

They call him chorus manager, but Companis Worker Patrick Green is that and so much more for Seattle’s gay-straight youth alliance chorus.

He passes out the music, welcomes the kids and handles the email. With a background in teen crisis counseling and HIV education, he also keeps an eye out for those needing extra help.

“Diverse Harmony provides a community, a family, a place where they can belong. Here they can belong and be a part of something that values them.”

The chorus could not afford to hire the services that Patrick provides.

Meet Companis Worker Kim Nonen, making a world of difference to homeless women

Companis Worker Kim Nonen brings special knowledge to her work at a homeless women's day center.

It was earned the hard way.

Kim lost her health, her job and her home after developing a serious illness. When she was discharged from the hospital, she found herself homeless and navigating a difficult system while still very ill.

Now, healthy again, in a new apartment and a new job, she’s putting that hard-won expertise to good use.

What difference does one Companis Worker make?

A world of difference
Companis Workers help build a more just society for our neighbors who need shelter, access to health care & other essential services.

Homeless? Some of these names will surprise you

Michele Martin has a story to tell. It’s a hard, difficult story. But the good news is that she survived, and thrives, and that her story is shared by many other women. And they survived, and thrive, as inspirations to us all.

Some of their names will surprise you.